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[EN/EO] What is a planned language? | Kio estas planlingvo?

[ ENGLISH ] I think that if I asked you to name a planned language and tell me why it was created, you wouldn't even know where to begin, but if I asked you to name your favorite fantasy language you'd know exactly the answer. If you've ever watched any of the shows or movies within the "Star Trek" universe then you've heard Klingon (spoken by the eponymous Klingons). If you've ever watched the movies "The Hobbit" or "The Lord of the Rings," then you've heard both Elvish (spoken by the Elves) and Black Speech (spoken by the servants of Mordor). If you've ever watched the movie "Avatar," then you've heard Na'vi (spoken by the eponymous Na'vi). If you've ever watched the show "Game of Thrones," then you've heard High Valyrian, spoken by the cultural and academic elite in Westeros. All these languages were deliberately planned and created to serve a purpose, and so too was Esperan

[EN/EO] Why should I learn another language? | Kial mi lernu plian lingvon?

[ EN ] Hi, friends! This is James in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, and I'm going to show you five reasons why you should learn another language. First, learning to speak another language is just plain good for your health! There are numerous studies that show how people who learn another language have better memory as they age and lower rates of dementia.  Second, learning another language is a terrific hobby! Languages are like puzzles, each with its own rules, and learning how those rules work is every bit as satisfying as a crossword puzzle.  Third, learning another language unlocks a new world of music, literature, and world culture that you couldn't access before! There's so much original music and literature all over the world, and so many exciting places to see, but without the right language, it's virtually impossible to fully appreciate. Fourth, learning another language can help you work and do business with an entirely new group of people! Whether yo

[EN/EO] My City, My Language | Mia Urbo, Mia Lingvo

[ EN ] Whether to open the figurative doors to another culture, or open the literal doors to another country, there are so many reasons to learn another language, but at the heart of the matter is the fact that languages are for communicating with other people about the places where, and time in which, we live. In the spirit of building bridges between cultures and countries, and sharing the world in which I find myself, I'm going take you on a virtual tour of my city, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, and present the sights and history that create make this city my home.  The name of this project is, "My City, My Language," and the first video is already published on the YouTube channel of the Northern Ontario Esperanto League. Click the "Links" tab to visit our channel and remember to subscribe and ring the bell to get updated when I publish new videos!  All videos in this project will be presented in the international language Esperanto, but subtitled in

[EN/EO] Welcome to Sault Ste. Marie! | Bonvenon en Su-Sankta-Mario!

Fort Creek Nature Reserve (Sault Ste. Marie) Fort-Krik Konservparko (Su-Sankta-Mario) [EN] One of the first things you'll hear about Esperanto is that the people who speak it are found literally all over the world, which is true -- Esperantists are found from Canada to Brazil, the UK to Japan, and absolutely every point in between. However, it is also true that outside of large metro areas Esperanto speakers are also typically spread out over vast distances. If absence does in fact make the heart grow fonder, then Esperantists like myself who live in a small citiy far from any other speaker are among the most fond for each other's company.  My name is James and I'm a local representative for the Northern Ontario Esperanto League in Sault Ste. Marie. Although vast distances and relative isolation (compared to larger cities in Ontario) isn't a unique phenomenon in Canada, it's a characteristic quality to life in northern Ontario which I've learned to embrace. Alt