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[EN] Listen and Learn in Esperanto: "Pli bone malfrue ol neniam!"

The story "Pli bone malfrue ol neniam" was selected from the book "Kruko kaj Baniko en Bervalo" by Louis Beaucaire. Turn on subtitles in the video, or click here to download the book and read along ! I've included a list of some words and phrases from the text that you might not understand right away. Senspiriĝinte : The language Esperanto is agglutinative, which means that you can "glue" parts of the language together to create brand new words as needed. In this case, we're looking at five things: Sen - (prefix meaning "without"), - spir - (the root for breath or breathing), - iĝ - (the suffix to indicate transition from one state to another or becoming), - int - (the past active participle ending to show an action that has completed), and - e (the ending used to indicate an adverb). So put it all together, and you get an adverb meaning, "Having become without breath," and in this case, modifies how the old man reports to the

[EN/EO] Is Esperanto a religion? | Ĉu Esperanto estas Religio?

[ ENGLISH ] From time to time, when I share my love of Esperanto with people who've never heard of it, I get a response as if I were a missionary spreading the holy gospel, or I'm even asked point blank if Esperanto is some kind of religious movement. In defense of these people, I fully acknowledge that my passion for the language and the movement can come off too strong!  But, is Esperanto a religion? The short answer is, no, Esperanto is categorically not a religion or spiritual movement. Esperanto is a language, and it's up to the speaker to decide what to talk about! The long answer is still no, Esperanto has definitely no relation to faith (or lack thereof), but it has been given special prominence in some groups. The most prominent example I can give is the Baha'i faith which has long supported the adoption of an international bridge-language to help communication and foster peace. For this reason, Esperantism -- the movement supported by many people who speak Esp