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Announcements: January 2022

Bonvenon en Januaro, kaj feliĉan Novjaron al vi! Welcome to January, and happy New Year! Are you going to make any resolutions this year? If you're looking for a challenge, I recommend you flex your intellect learning to speak Esperanto in our free 10-lesson course with the help of an experienced tutor. Contact us today to get started! Here are the updates for January: Murder in Jamestown ! The confessed murderer says, "I just killed a pig." Learn more about this story on our YouTube channel ! Calling all meme-lords : starting in January, we'll be posting memes in both English and Esperanto on our Facebook page with bite-sized lessons that even a neckbeard could love. Follow us on Facebook for the latest ! Join our monthly hangout ! We'll be meeting online via Google Hangouts on Sunday the 16th of January from 8am-9am. This will be a bilingual hangout and all levels are welcome, even complete beginners. Whether you have questions about something you&