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Announcements: February 2022

Bonvenon en Februaro! I hope the New Year has found you well. Here in Sault Ste. Marie, we're just getting started with the deepest depths of winter, but it's only four more weeks of the worst cold, so there's not much else to do but to be brave about it and carry on. The big announcement this month is that I've completed an audio supplement to the 10-lesson Free Esperanto Course and it is now available on our YouTube channel. Click here to listen to the audio course . This audio course will model good pronunciation and help new students develop their listening abilities. Comments on these videos have been disabled, so if you want the help of a tutor you'll have to sign up with us to get started ! We'll also be hosting an online hangout this month! This meeting will be an opportunity for Esperanto speakers in the north to catch up with one another, but also for new speakers to practice what they've been learning. We'll be meeting on Saturday,

[EN/EO] Listen and Learn in Esperanto: Council with the Munchkins (w/ Subtitles + Vocab Guide)

Listen and Learn with this excerpt from the book "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" by L. Frank Baum, translated by Donald Broadribb. You can turn on subtitles in English or Esperanto to read along, and you can also click here to read the entire book .  Flustrigi - starts from the root "Flustr-" for "whisper," adds the suffix "-igi" to make the root into a transitive verb. For example, "Mi flustras" (I whisper), but "Mi flustrigas la voĉon" translates literally into, "I whispered my voice," but we'd probably say, "I fluttered my voice." Potenca - Powerful ("potent") Smeraldo - Emerald Ĝuste - Do you know the difference between "Ĝusta" and "Prava?" Both of these words can translate into English as "right," but in Esperanto they have very different meanings. "Ĝusta" is better understood as precise, and "Prava" is better understood as "correct.