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Announcements: March 2022

Bonvenon en Marto. Given what's happening in Ukraine right now, and the far-reaching and long-lasting consequences it's going to have, I hope that if you have the means to do so you'll donate to UNICEF. This conflict is going to have a devastating impact on the health, well-being, and education of children in Ukraine for a generation to come. I think that if we all shared a common language, peace would be more likely than war, but nobody has time to learn a second language when they don't have access to food, clean water, and safe shelter. Please donate

Here are the remaining announcements for March:

I'm hosting a monthly hangout on Sunday the 20th at 8am EST/Toronto. Click here for details on how to join the meeting

On a personal note, I've started a new job. The upside is that it's exactly the kind of job I've been trying to get into for several years. The downside is that it keeps me very busy and I have very little time outside of work. For this reason, blogging will be reduced primarily to announcements, and YouTubing will be reduced to one video per month.

There will still be other posts and activity on our subreddit, so if you haven't yet joined us there, come say hello!