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[EN/EO] Listen and Learn in Esperanto: The Deadly Poppy Field (w/ Subtitles + Vocab Guide)

Listen and Learn with this excerpt from the book "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" by L. Frank Baum, translated by Donald Broadribb. You can turn on subtitles in English or Esperanto to read along, and you can also click here to read the entire book.

Tapiŝo - Carpet. From this you can form the verb, "Tapiŝi" (to carpet).

Skarlata - Scarlet

Papavo - Poppy flower

Spica - Spicy

Ĝeni - To bother, disturb, hinder, trouble, make uncomfortable (from the German, "genieren," and the French, "gêner.")

Vigligi - To encourage, stimulate, invigorate. From the verb, "Vigli" (to flourish, thrive. From the Italian, "vigile," and Latin, "vigilis.") In this case, the -ig suffix is added to make an intransitive verb (one which doesn't take an object) into a transitive verb (one which takes an object.)

Sino - Bosom, breast, lap (from the Latin, "sinus")

Kurbiĝo - Bend, crook, curve, turn (From the French, "courbe.") 

Superforti - To overpower, prevail over, subdue

Sonĝi - To dream, in the sense of what you see when you're sleeping (from the French, "songe," and Italian, "sogno"). Don't confuse this with, "Revi" which also means to dream, but in the sense of a daydream, fancy, or muse. (from the French, "rêver.")

Veneno -  Poison, venom (from the French, "venin," and Latin, "venenum.")