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[EN/EO] Listen & Learn: The Queen of the Field Mice (w/ Subtitles + Vocab Guide)

Listen and Learn with this excerpt from the book "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" by L. Frank Baum, translated by Donald Broadribb. You can turn on subtitles in English or Esperanto to read along, and you can also click here to read the entire book. Use this vocab guide to help you with the less common words in this selection!

Muĝo - Rage, roar (Fre. mugir, Ita. muggire, Lat. mugire)

Ĉarniro - Hinge (Fre. charnière)

Linko - Lynx (Fre. lynx, Ita. lince, Eng. lynx, Lat. lynces)

Vico - Array, file, line, rank, row, turn, sequence (Lat. vicis)

Ardi - To be ardent, burn, glow, glow with heat (Fre. ardeur, Ita. ardore, Eng. ardour, Lat. ardor)

Muso - Mouse (Yid. mojz, Rus. мышь, Pol. mysz, Ger. Maus, Eng. mouse, Lat. mus)

Moŝto - Majesty, highness, general title for persons of high rank (Pol. mość)

Klini - To bend, incline, tilt, lean, slope, tilt (Rus. клoнить, Fre. incliner, Ita. inclinare, Eng. incline, Lat. clinare) NB: The translator Mr. Broadribb often uses this transitive verb ("klini sin," or, "to bend oneself") as a synonym for the intransitive verb "Riverenci." meaning to bow, curtsy, make reverence to (Fre. révérence, Eng. reverence).

Surkapiĝi - Sur- (on), -kap- (head), -iĝi (to become). Literally, "to become on the head."

Ĥoro - chorus, choir (Rus. хop, Lit. choras, Pol. chór, Ger. Chor, Fre. choeur, Eng. choir, Lat. chorus). NB: Some people dislike the "Ĥ" sound and prefer "Koruso." Both forms are accepted.

Kurioza - Curious, interesting, quaint, rare, odd, strange (Fre. courieux, Ita. curioso, Eng. curious, Lat. curiosus). NB: If you want to say that a person is "curious" in the sense that he or she wants to know more, then you want the word, "scivolema" (literally: Inclined to want to know.)

Mordi - To bite (Fre. mordre, Ita. mordere, Lat. mordere)

Morti - To die, expire, pass away (Fre. mort, Ita. morte)

Boji - To bay, bark (Fre. aboyer)

Pajlo - Straw (Fre. paille, Ita. paglia)

Ŝnuro - Cord, rope, string (Yid. shnur, Rus. шнyp, Lit. šniuras, Pol. sznur, Ger. Schnur)

Ĉaro - Car, cart, chariot (Fre. char)

Kejlo - Peg, pin (Ger. Keil)

Rado - Wheel (Yid. rod, Lit. ratas, Ger. Rad, Ita. ruota, Lat. rota)