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Welcome to the
Northern Ontario Esperanto League!
(Klaku ĉi tien por kontakti NOEL en Esperanto)

NOEL works to promote recognition and use of the international auxiliary language Esperanto in in the vast region of northern Ontario, from Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie, Timmins to Sudbury, Fort Severn to North Bay, and more. NOEL works in cooperation with the Canadian Esperanto Association, which promotes the language nationally in Canada, provides free correspondence courses to beginners, connects the Esperanto speakers who call Canada home, and hosts regional and national events for the Esperanto movement in Canada.

Esperanto is what's called a planned language. After years of development, a Jewish-Polish ophthalmologist named Dr. L.L. Zamenhof published the language in 1887. Dr. Zamenhof planned Esperanto to be much more easily learned than other languages so that it could be shared between people all over the world in the hope that if we could all talk to each other, we'd be less likely to fight with each other.

If you're curious to learn more about the history of the language or the culture which its speakers have developed, you'll enjoy these Frequently Asked Questions! If you'd like to start learning Esperanto, we recommend the Free Esperanto Course which consists of 10 lessons delivered one at a time via email. You'll be helped along by an experienced speaker, and receive feedback on each lesson to guide your progress. To get started, just send us an email and ask about the free Esperanto course!

In the meantime, we also invite you to visit us on YouTube and Reddit to see Esperanto being spoken in our communities, and also visit the Canadian Esperanto Association to learn more about language diversity in Canada and how you can support and participate in Esperanto at the national level. For all other questions, you may contact us directly: